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Instructions and Help about ctape 2008 form
all right sorry so we're going to be doing the C tape today level 4th and what I'm going to want you to do first we're gonna do a series of activities and on my verbal request we're gonna do the run so for the run all you're going to do is just going to ready okay so next you're going to be doing the hop so on the hop so throwing my left foot one two and on your right foot one three feet you did awesome let me see truck can you do it like this 1 2 3 & 1 okay and now the right one good job excellent Oh awesome okay now from that same spot you do not watch me do a jump like this you do that you see each other all right now to do a week here watch me okay - all right next to me the skip this I want you good job all right next slide okay Oh next I want to see you oh good catch nice catch - oh good catch excellent okay so for this one I'm gonna stand what distance away I'm gonna throw the ball over handling this coming this way and it's gonna come on the ground I want you in is I want you to get down like this and you're gonna scoop the ball out of rolls okay you can do that okay let's see ready okay good job excellent board again I'm not brave all I want you to hit get partisan cancel what are you gonna do from sending something over here I want you to do this on my throat whoa it's me give you smile hey throw the ball don't want you to do don't you hit the ball all the way through to me okay so you're just gonna to me okay oh that's some good hey you played this whole corner no you did excellent very first on point okay watching to do is your going to be at this come when I say go you're gonna do this please count me down here the green okay I want you to do okay okay okay okay I can see okay it's on this we're gonna pretend microscale it's not what I want you to do is you're gonna put your arms out like this besides you're gonna stand on one foot you bring it back you're gonna lean forward just like this oh wait tight tight you're good ready you see what I'm gonna my keep everything with these students so you just like that okay this summer and turn to repent so I want you to do this excellent almost so good there's a lot of activities huh you're gonna be nice and tired for next class all right you ready so that's what you're gonna do just watch me so we're going to do down okay you got so when you run that feedback I want you to put the bean bag on this pot on the second time I want you to run through and touch the wall okay all right ready go it's down there to Moritz it reaches so we're gonna do is you're just gonna reach out as far as you can move one second and then you're done okay we're gonna two more that's alright whenever you're ready okay perfect you're good come on in five all right so next we're gonna do windmills so I'm going to show you what I want you to do so you be...